Business Consulting

Today’s business environment is richly diverse, dynamic and greatly influenced by technology. While most successful organisations have a clear business vision, some struggle with the challenge of aligning technology with this vision and its underlying strategy and desired outcomes.

An independent perspective with a full suite of business consultancy services; this enables our team to work with your organisation to assist you in further leveraging your business.

We can work with you to formulate appropriate business strategies that develop and retain a profitable competitive advantage. Where such strategies can be enhanced with clever use of cost-effective technology, CERT can assist your organisation answer the following:

  • Business Transformation: Now that YOU have YOUR strategy, what does it mean for YOUR systems, processes and people?

  • Strategy & Enterprise Architecture: Which technologies can YOU use to help YOU achieve YOUR desired outcomes, now and in the future?

  • Information & Knowledge Management: The strength of YOUR organisation lies with its people, but how do YOU retain and share their business knowledge?

  • Business Intelligence: YOU have got all the systems under the sun, but how do YOU get accurate, timely and consistent data to YOUR managers so they can run the business?

  • Engaging Human Capita: How do YOU get YOUR people to buy into the Vision and enable positive organisational change?

  • Benefits Realisation: How do YOU make sure YOUR company moves as one, and all this effort and change actually generates the desired outcome?

We believe that technology alone won’t solve business problems. The difference between a good company and a great one is a clear organisational vision and the right business strategy supported with smart people, processes and systems.

Let us help make that difference; contact us now