Application Support and Maintanance

Experience shows information technology investments only yield business benefits when they are properly supported and maintained. Disciplined Application Support delivered by dedicated professionals trained in your systems will maximise the value of your application investment over its lifetime.

What CERT Can Offer

We provide application support for organisations requiring reliable, ongoing production system availability. Our service delivery approach ensures end-to-end management of issue facilitation, problem resolution and application enhancement. Our flexible engagement options cater for the specific support needs of your application up to 24x7.

We manage your application support knowledge to ensure service continuity and reliability. Our professional team can tailor our flexible processes to your application environment and business priorities.

We work in consultation with your project teams, from development through to implementation, to ensure that our support services are customised to your technical and business requirements. We can manage and ensure a smooth transition from system implementation to production by utilising our proven methodologies and approaches.

Support Services Include

  • Business application support across industry sectors such as Finance, Resource etc

  • Support for Mainstream technologies such as Java, Microsoft .NET and Mainframe

  • Extended support capabilities in ERP packages such as SAP and Oracle Technical Support Services

What This Means To You

  • Flexibility and adaptability around your technical coverage requirements

  • Assurance that knowledge continuity is managed and maintained

  • Confidence that we use proven methodologies and practices

  • Commitment to ownership and accountability for excellent application service delivery

  • Access to an experienced and flexible support team that is responsive to your concerns and needs