Benefit Realisation

Many investments in business improvement projects, including IT, often fail to produce the expected benefits:

for example;

  • Actual benefits realised are less than expected

  • Actual outcomes bear little resemblance to those described in the business case

  • Benefits cannot be demonstrated beyond anecdote

Benefits Realisation can help organisations ensure that investments in IT generate the expected benefits, which traditional measures of project success fail to capture.

What CERT Can Offer

Our Benefits Realisation approach addresses these, by assisting your organisation to:

  • Focus on outcomes and benefits, as well as on-time and on-budget delivery

  • Identify, measure, and monitor the achievement of benefits demanded from the project

  • Achieve the returns planned from the investments

We have developed tools to select desired outcomes, map these to activities, establish accountability, measure progress made in achieving these outcomes and confirm success. We have a proven methodology to identify, map, plan and monitor the achievement of project benefits, thus ensuring project investments generate the desired returns.

Through the excellent work of our people, we have built an outstanding track record in Benefits Realisation in many industries, in both the private and public sector.

Our proven methodologies, experience, industry knowledge and flexibility in supporting clients at all stages of the management cycle make us the ideal partner for your Benefits Realisation program, whether it is a relatively small pilot project or a multi-million system investment.


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