Business Intelligence

Knowledge is an important company asset. It provides businesses with a competitive advantage and a foundation for strategy. Business Intelligence helps organisations use that asset by structuring and maintaining knowledge in a way that stimulates business growth.

What CERT Can Offer

We provide assistance and expertise to organisations, ensuring they have the appropriate systems in place for locating and navigating complex data, better understanding their clients and making strategic decisions. Our team of experienced consultants work to understand your needs and tailor our Business Intelligence framework to suit.

Our end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions include data warehousing, business intelligence and data mining. This encompasses:

  • Identification

  • Extraction and delivery of structured information

  • Web content management

  • Fraud detection

  • Consolidation of data

  • Market analysis

  • Training and support

What This Means To You

  • Complex data analysis that supports strategic decision-making, ensuring alignment to business goals and objectives

  • Effective management and storage of customer data, providing you with a competitive edge through comprehensive customer profiling and segmentation analysis

  • A demonstrated return on your business investment

  • Robust data integrity that improves fraud loss mitigation and aberrant behaviour detection

  • Consistent and timely management reporting for critical decision making, through consolidation of all internal reporting tools, queries and reports

  • Improved service levels and customer satisfaction, by providing reliable, readily accessible data stored and managed from a centralised source

  • Streamlined financial and operational reporting from merging multiple data sources into a single format

We assist companies in Uganda with a wide range of Business Intelligence services.

Our expertise can help you access data more efficiently, ensuring the strategic decisions you make are based on sound data analysis and achieve your business outcomes cost-effectively. Our experienced consultants are committed to excellence and deliver results.