Business Transformation

We have found that alignment to organisational structure, people, process and technology is the cornerstone to implementing strategy and bringing real change within an enterprise.

We are successful because we understand the link between your business vision and organisational culture and how this can be aligned with your technology landscape. Business outcomes are produced by developing change initiatives and programs. Supporting these are sound business and technology plans and roadmaps.

What CERT Can Offer

Through our Business Transformation services, we can translate your strategy into achievable results in terms of business and IT investments. We engage with your organisation to understand current and potential future environments.

We analyse the practical ways to implement your strategies through systems, processes and people and create frameworks for change. We then work with your team to execute those changes across all business and IT levels.

We provide you a range of business and IT services to produce workable strategies and bring about their implementation. Our service extends to business strategy and change management. Coupled with other capabilities such as systems delivery, project management and business analysis, we have the right people and expertise to put your ideas in motion.

What This Means To You

  • Clear and concise articulation and development of your Business and Information Technology strategies

  • Confidence that your strategies become reality through planned, practical implementation

  • Effective management of transition and change in your business

  • Cost-effective alignment of business and IT, through expertise in many fields

  • End-to-end transformation services, spanning strategy development through to delivery

  • Strong methods and practices customised to your organisation's culture


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