Design and Build

Poor design comes from limited understanding, and it can only ever have one result - a poor solution.

We hold regular Preliminary Design Review (PDR) meetings within projects to ensure all system detailed designs are captured and satisfied. From the system requirements the detailed design needs to ensure the approach is balanced across cost, schedule, performance and risk.

Configuration Management establishes and maintains the integrity of the products created by a project throughout lifecycle, or by an application throughout its lifecycle. All information that could impact safety, quality, schedule, cost, profit or the environment is subjected to Configuration Management.

Without proper Configuration Management you forfeit the opportunity to:

  • Protect your IP

  • Control your suppliers

  • Protect your production environment

  • Control your interfaces

  • Maximise opportunities for reuse

As the integrity of your information increases, the need for corrective action decreases while the potential for real tangible improvements increases.

Our audits advise your organisation's level of commitment, of ability and maturity in configuration management.

Once we have performed the measurement and analysis, we will give you a customised implementation plan for improving both the integrity of your information and your ability to accommodate change. This allows you to focus on making real, tangible improvements minimising your need for corrective action.