Engaging Human Capital

Assessing the impact of change on people and providing ways to help them understand and commit, is the fundamental principle behind Engaging Human Capital.

Engaging Human Capital addresses key areas of accountability, comprehension, commitment and capability in the process of delivering project benefits. It does this through strategies that ensure people within the organisation:

  • Ensure people understand the need for change

  • Ensure people are motivated to take action

  • Ensure people maintain the commitment required to shift long-held mindsets

What makes our approach different is that we integrate Engaging Human Capital concepts into our proven, robust project management methodologies. Engaging Human Capital is applied appropriately to projects depending on the size, complexity and nature of the change required.

We take the time up-front to understand the nature of the transformation and apply the right approach to managing it. The phases of our approach are:

Initiate - Understand the purpose of the change

Assess - Form the transformation program, impacts of change and strategies for eliminating gaps

Plan - Develop detailed tasks to close gaps, mitigate risks and build capability

Implement - Deliver against the plan, including communication, process redesign, training and benefits realisation activities

Monitor - Consistent tracking of the transformation against objectives and benefits.

Our approach covers all components of business transformation. Most importantly, because people are at the heart of our approach we gain trust from each individual involved in the process. This trust ensures that the benefits from the transformation are sustainable for the long term.

We strongly believe that alignment to organisational structure, people, process and technology are the cornerstones to implementing strategy and allowing real change to occur within your organisation.

Business outcomes are driven by developing change initiatives and programs, supported by sound business and technology plans. We have the right people and expertise to put your ideas in motion, from developing business processes to implementing IT projects.


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