Information and Knowledge Management

The struggle to ensure information is accurate, timely and consistent and flows seamlessly across boundaries, remains a barrier to successfully implementing and executing business strategy. Our Information Management solution enables organisations faced with challenges - such as overcoming 'information silos' - to maximise the quality, value, usefulness, accessibility and security of information within and beyond the organisation.

What CERT Can Offer

Our team of experienced consultants can ensure your information is turned into a strategic asset. We can provide a complete Information Management solution specifically tailored to meet your business needs. By leveraging the latest technology and proven methodologies, we are able to build robust processes and practices that support the information and knowledge requirements of your business.

Our complete end-to-end services ensure the collection, storage and retrieval of data is intelligently managed, minimising operational costs and providing value-laden business intelligence.

What This Means To You

  • Proven methodologies and frameworks that capitalise on your information asset, ensuring accurate, timely and reliable information

  • Comprehensive end-to-end assessment of your current information management infrastructure. This enables our experienced consultants to identify improvements and recommend appropriate solutions to gain operational efficiencies and competitor advantage

  • Confidence that your investment in information management is cost effective and managed by experienced consultants

  • Assurance that a specifically tailored comprehensive information management strategy will provide quality information, enabling you to meet your increasing business needs

We have a proven track record in providing end-to-end innovative information management strategies. Our experienced consultants are committed to improving the quality of your information and ensuring your data is transformed into a strategic asset.

Our practical, tried and tested approach has been successful over a range of assignments - from relatively small projects through to huge system investments.


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