Our Culture

Our clients demand that we consistently achieve the highest levels of quality and continuously improve the service we provide them and we are committed to meeting this demand because only an optimal quality gives today the decisive edge in the race of success.

We assure our clients of the following

1. Affordability
Our clients have continually rated CERT Computer Solutions very high in terms of value we provide to them as a trusted technology partner. We provide more in terms of deliverables at a very competitive price: Our disciplined approach and motivation of our team all contribute to what we deliver. Cost, quality and time remain paramount concerns with all of our clients – and are probably concerns of yours as well. We find a way to balance these issues in what we deliver – and communicate with our clients continually throughout the project or engagement to ensure mutual success.

2. Flexibility
We have continually worked on being flexible and supporting our clients' needs – without compromising the processes that have contributed to our success. We listen to our clients and supply technology based on the different ways in which they want to do business:

• Fixed-price model
• Time & Materials pricing model

3. Flexible Pricing Model
We want our clients to receive the highest possible business value through their engagements with CERT Computer Solutions. We deliver what we said we'd do, when we said we'd do it, at the price we said we'd charge. We work with our clients to understand what needs to be delivered and eliminate as much risk as possible to produce a deliverable that they can rely on – the first time. We also provide a time and materials model for those clients who either prefer that option or want to direct the activities of our employees.

4. Advanced Technologies Capabilities
Our approach to advanced technology is to apply what we know to eliminate the risks around what future promises "may" bring to the proposed solution. We rely on our experience in delivering operating system level and embedded technology – "the tough coding" – to enhance the value of today's software solutions.

5. Full Service Technology and Enterprise Software Services
From initial research (many times we have literally started with "back of the napkin" notes and drawings for requirements) to acceptance testing by our clients and final release with documentation – we provide quality work throughout the software development cycle or engagement.

6. Collaboration Expertise and Broad Implementation Skills
The work we do requires a certain type of person – accomplished technically and respected by peers because they have risen to the top in our exhaustive sourcing, interviewing and hiring processes. CERT Computer Solutions promotes in our team the philosophy that no one person can deliver as much value as an entire group. We create an environment of shared ideas, shared efforts and shared responsibilities, and our clients continually remark that we over-deliver based on their expectations.

7. Quality Focus
Our development team operates with discipline and processes that assure our clients receive what they've asked for – in many situations at a higher level of quality than our client might have received from an "on-site" effort by their own employees.

8. Outstanding Relationships with Clients
We have built mutually beneficial long-term relationships with many of our clients. We are confident that we can build the same type of relationship with you.

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