Prescriptive Care Managed Services

Includes all the benefits of ResponsiveCare in addition to providing comprehensive monthly reports on the health of your system. It also includes monthly and quarterly detailed trend analysis and prescriptive guidance.

System Health Reporting: Once a month, you will receive a report analyzing the health of each covered device including, performance metrics, and incident status. An engineer will review the report with you and provide recommendations to improve future performance. Their will also be a quarterly review for executive management. Event Log

Reporting: We will monitor event logs in addition to other performance-based metrics to uncover system or application errors. Relevant events will be noted during your monthly review.

Monthly Trend Analysis: Our engineer will review your monthly report for trends that may result in future problems and will discuss proactive solutions. This information can be used for budgeting and capacity planning.

Prescriptive Guidance: Our engineer will review your device configuration and make recommendations to improve performance, security, and functionality based on vendor best practices and our experience.

Patching Verification & Reporting: We scan all covered devices regularly to ensure that all required updates have been deployed successfully. This audit will also be discussed during your monthly review.

Asset Tracking: We maintain hardware, software, warranty, and other asset information for all covered devices. For an additional fee, We can maintain this information for non-managed devices.