Proactive Care Managed Services

Includes all of the benefits of PrescriptiveCare, in addition to our comprehensive patch management solution which is supported by our robust ITIL/MOF based change management. This offering will help you comply with national & international regulations.

BIOS, Firmware & Driver Updates: We will include BIOS, Firmware, and driver updates for covered devices above and beyond our normal software patching. Systematic

Patching: We continually monitors updates and patches released by a variety of software vendors and has a comprehensive test lab to ensure that patches are tested and safe for deployment. We keep your covered device up-to-date and secure by implementing patches and updates safely and quickly. We follow ITIL principles of Release Management and Change Management and keeps you informed and in control of your environment at all times. All patches can be applied remotely using our zerotouch or light-touch patch management methodology. In the unlikely event that a patch causes a failure, we can remotely restore your system to its last known working state.

Security Optimization: We follows industry and vendor best practices for security hardening to reduce the exposure to potential attacks.

Tuning & Optimization: Covered devices are tuned for optimal performance based on a combination of our expertise and industry best practices. Covered devices are reviewed periodically to ensure proper configuration.

Basic Troubleshooting & Remediation: When an alert is received or a performance metric is exceeded, we automatically notify and begin troubleshooting the issue. We stay in constant contact with you to ensure proper communication of information throughout the incident.

Remote Support & Escalation: Our engineers are automatically notified if a critical event occurs and will have the ability to remotely address any issue. We are able to address most issues remotely, and if the problem cannot be resolved remotely an engineer will be dispatched.

Image Management: We maintain an image of the “last known working" state for supported devices. In many situations, recovery time can be dramatically reduced by restoring this image rather than rebuilding a server in the event of total hardware or OS failure.