Project Doctor

No organisation wants a project to fail. But sometimes, despite best endeavours, projects do not proceed as planned and don’t achieve the sustained benefits originally sought. Having a team that has delivered and recovered challenging projects for over 5 years, we have found that most project delays are due to the absence of an achievable and approved project plan, a formal benefits management process and ongoing changes to scope resulting in missed milestones and associated budget blowouts.

‘Project Doctor’ is a project recovery service delivered by a highly experienced team of senior consultants, each with an average track record of 7 years in project recovery. ‘Project Doctor’ provides a cross-industry capability, with bespoke approaches for information technology project recovery in particular.

The Project Doctor team will perform, as the initial step, a ‘Health Check’ to identify the issues causing the delays then construct a plan of rectification. This plan will enact the ‘Surgery’ to re-scope, re-plan and re-focus the program of work into clearly defined and achievable milestones - agreed by project sponsors and the project team. The final offering is the ‘After Care’, including a post-implementation review with a business benefits realisation review. These reviews coupled with their recommended actions put projects back on track and ensure subsequent business and IT projects have a greater chance of success. We provide our clients with one of the most experienced, hands-on teams in Uganda and, as a result, are able to boast a 100% success rate in project completion.

Our Project Doctor team is happy to perform a thorough health assessment, providing practical and independent advice. Contact us to find out more.