Quality Assurance

Our approach is pragmatic... there is nothing complex about it - it's simply cause and effect. We check the status of the project through a formal 'health check', dig for underlying issues and problems, verify that the benefits are achievable in the direction you are taking and make recommendations for correction and mitigation of risk - the 'surgery'. Once the project is recovered and delivered, we follow up with the required 'after care'.

While the approach is necessarily pragmatic, you'll get nothing out of a formal project health check unless the advice is independent and from expert reviewers who have a wealth of hands-on experience in project delivery and methods across many industries and business sectors. That's what we bring to you.

Our formal, independent 'health checks' can validate a successful project or highlight those at risk of failure. Independent analysis and advice will help out a project back on track and prevent future de-railing.

It is just as important to recognise that many projects don't fail. Some are cancelled and others struggle through to implementation without fully achieving the sought benefits, often accompanied by major time and cost overrun. Independent advice can prevent this from happening to you.

Typically, we plan a project health check for strategic milestones throughout the project lifecycle. This allows management the opportunity to take guided corrective action against current and potential issues.

We will perform a constructive assessment that recognises both strengths and weaknesses in your project, and avoids damage to key relationships.

Our recommendations are sound, realistic and include tactical 'quick wins' as well as strategic long-term improvements.