Responsive Care Managed Services

CERT will remotely monitor your system and notify you when key thresholds are exceeded. For an additional fee, CERT will be available to remediate issues in a timely fashion.

System Monitoring: Every managed device is proactively monitored, and a CERT engineer is notified of system alerts or when performance thresholds are exceeded. CERT monitors processor utilization, disk space, and memory usage on all covered devices. We also monitor additional metrics based on the role of the device and the service level you select. When an engineer receives an alert or notification that a performance metric has been exceeded, CERT will either respond automatically or notify you via e-mail, voice, text or instant messaging.

Anti-virus Verification: CERT will not only verify that the anti-virus software is operational, we will also make sure the latest version of the vendor’s signature files are applied in a timely fashion. Updated signature files are critical to ensure that your systems are secured against viruses and other malicious software.

Backup Verification: CERT monitors the state of your backup system to verify that backups have been completed successfully. In the event of a failure, we will either notify you and/or take corrective action automatically.

Alerting & Notification: The CERT Network Operations Center maintains staff around the clock to ensure that your systems are performing optimally. The NOC staff will react quickly to a failure or other outage, resolve the problem or notify you.