Software Development and Integration

Automating and integrating business processes and operations with your supporting software is crucial to remaining competitive, increasing productivity and reducing overheads. Benefits can also be realised through improving interaction with consumers (B2C) and other businesses (B2B) through smart software, developed specifically for your needs, that introduces new opportunities and consolidates existing relationships.
What CERT Can Offer

Developing a software solution is a complex task. At CERT we understand that it's not just a technical problem - there are other elements just as critical for success. Our business-focused software methodology guarantees cost effective end-to-end software development. Using our proven suite of methodologies, frameworks and tools allows a comprehensive, flexible and scalable approach. All stages of our process focus on the five elements critical to success: Market and Creativity, Business Technology, Quality Assurance, and Project Management.

What This Means To You

  • A proven and rigorous approach that reduces development costs by avoiding mismatches and inefficiencies in planning, design and architecture

  • Reduced waste, lower resource costs and improved staff productivity, with a customised solution specific to your business needs; ensuring alignment with your processes and practices

  • Competitive advantage through business optimisation

  • Confidence that your investment in technology is managed by experienced specialists