CERT is able to provide a comprehensive testing capability covering all aspects of the System Development Lifecycle from test strategy development, test script creation, management and execution of tests, to verification and signoff.

Our test management and execution methodologies apply standards and controls that employ rigorous analysis and testing techniques. This is the basis of a well-planned and managed implementation process that ensures the delivery of reliable, high-performance products for our clients.

Using a structured and comprehensive test management and execution methodology we provide:

  • Test Management

  • Test Strategies

  • Test Planning

  • Test Creation

  • Test Execution

  • Test Reporting

Whether your business requires full testing management or test execution services, you can be confident that the proven expertise of CERT's testing team is able to meet your business requirements.
Our Approach to Testing

CERT uses the Arrow model below to confirm any specific phase of the SDLC:

Test Mangement Process