CERT recognises the implementation of any project requires staff to receive accurate, positive and timely information, and to be able to follow any newly required updated business processes/procedures and system steps when it is implemented.

To address this requirement our training will adopt a four stage training approach for users impacted by project implementations, as highlighted in the following diagram:

Change Management Framework
What We Will Do

To address this requirement our training will:

  • Develop a training plan and strategy that meets your needs

  • Undertake a training needs assessment, to ensure the training content is targeted to participants needs and their current level of understanding / buy in

  • Design, develop and deliver formal training, as agreed with the program and the business

  • Deliver the training and track the attendance of participants

  • Evaluate the training to determine the degree of success

  • Hand over training materials to business representatives for integration into ongoing training courses (where required)

Change Management and Communication underpin each stage of this approach.