What We've Done

CERT Computer Solutions Ltd has been providing cost-effective, customized IT outsourcing solutions to large and mid-sized organizations all over Uganda. We have created a highly skilled Commercial IT Department with a track record for delivering quality support on time and within budget. By combining best practices approach estimating, quality assurance and excellent management techniques, we have been providing our customers with a value-added service that enables their business for the future.

We are prepared to partner with your company to help you meet and beat your IT development challenges and surpass your strategic business goals. We have grown from repairing hardware and supporting networks for the public and private sector to offering even more services including managed services, business consulting, project management, systems integration, software solutions, and providing training & capacity building for professionals and end users in various firms & organisations.

Have a look at some of the projects showcasing what we have done in the following areas;

Consultancy Domain
Network & Support Domain
Capacity Building Domain
Websites Domain